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Waterfront development at Mertarvik is recognized as a key element in the overall move from Newtok to Mertarvik. The need for protected moorage at the new. Harbourside is a four-phase mixed-use development. The development is being shaped by development permit guidelines to control its form and character. Includes waterfront development, site plan, original shore road allowances, shoreline buffers and fish habitat.

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The Helensburgh Waterfront Development project is all about creating a vibrant and attractive waterfront for the town. The main feature of the project will. Regulating waterfront development helps maintain high water quality within our lakes, rivers, streams, and ocean, as well as healthy vegetation buffers at. The City of Middletown is exploring long-range plans to develop 85 acres of prime waterfront property on the banks of the historic Connecticut River.

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The Waterfront Development Project. Aerial view of the downtown Vancouver Waterfront looking west from I Vancouver's historic waterfront is welcoming jobs. The Waterfront Development Plan is based upon the following five (5) elements: • Large and small vessel dock facilities. • Waterfront promenade. • Honey Harbour. in the design/development process. It is used the mode categories of urban waterfront transformation as a tool for conservation, redevelopment and development.