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MOTOR VEHICLE BILL OF SALE. Amount of Sale. $. Receipt is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned seller, hereby sells and transfers to. In accordance with all applicable statutes, administrative rules and regulations, I certify that the selling price of the above-described motor vehicle was. $. Buying or selling a vehicle? Download this free Bill of Sale template and have it signed by both parties. This will prevent a lot of problems later on!

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The undersigned seller affirms that the above information about this vehicle is accurate to the best his/her knowledge. The undersigned buyer accepts receipt of. Bill of Sale Form Plain Printable for Car/Auto/Motor Vehicle | Printable and handwrite One Page Template | Sizes in US Letter & A4. Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale. Parties: Seller (please print). Buyer (please print). Purchase Price: The buyer agrees to pay $.

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ANY ALTERATIONS OR. ERASURES WILL VOID. THIS DOCUMENT! STATE OF NEW MEXICO - TAXATION & REVENUE DEPARTMENT. MOTOR VEHICLE DIVISION. MVD - REV. 05/ A car bill of sale needs a detailed description of the make, model, and registration of the car. You will also need to provide the Vehicle Identification. The most common use for a Bill of Sale is to document the transfer of ownership of a car, vehicle, or automobile from the seller to the buyer [1].