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Vaisala's pressure offering includes digital barometers and barometric pressure sensors for measuring both barometric pressure and process pressure in. Pace P Barometric Pressure Sensor features 5 Vdc supply, linear Vdc output, miniature size, high accuracy and accepts moist, humid air. High Accuracy, Barometric Pressure Transducers · Economical Electric Barometer · Rugged Capacitive Design · Excellent Long Term Stability · Fast Response Time.

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Barometer and Altimeter is a simple application for measuring atmospheric pressure and altitude. The application uses: built-in GPS. The BMP, Bosch's first capacitive barometric pressure sensor, also delivers low power consumption for longer battery life in mobile devices. NovaLynx offers a selection of manual, electronic, and hand-held instrumentation for measurement of atmospheric pressure. Please contact us for information.

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LPS25H - MEMS pressure sensor: hPa absolute digital output barometer,, STMicroelectronics. One important parameter in monitoring weather systems is barometric pressure. Changes read by a barometric pressure meter or sensor indicates weather front. SB Barometric Pressure Sensor The SB combines excellent performance in a small package size at an affordable price. The sensor works well as a stand-.