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Thermostatically Controlled Outlet: ideal for home and farm applications. Three AC recepticles - turns on at 35 degrees F/off at 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature-controlled indoor portable power outlet will activate pipe heating cable, brooder lamps, heat lamps, portable heaters and other such. A digital outlet controller designed to provide plugged-in devices with smart temperature, humidity, and time-based controls. Contains a large backlit LCD.

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Buy BriskHeat THERMO-CUBE Thermostatically controlled power outlet, On at 35F / Off at 45F and more from our comprehensive selection of SpeedTrace Extreme. Thermo-Cube Temperature Controlled Outlet Adapter · Maximum rating: 1, Watts, 15 Amps, V AC · Two receptacles for more than one electrical device at a time. The Farm Innovators Thermo Cube Thermostatically Controlled Outlet is an automated power supply that works according to the outside temperature. It powers on.

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The wireless thermostat will automatically turn on/off heating or cooling devices through your preset target temperature. Easy to set, control Cooling and. The Thermo Cube® is a unique temperature controlled electrical device. It operates with any 15 amp volt electric heater or fan and plugs directly into a. Thermo Cube is a unique and patented electrical device. It plugs into a standard electrical outlet which turns the power on and off automatically.